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What government hopes to build

Le 29 janvier 2015, 09:47 dans Humeurs 0

important consumer channels, and how the overall situation of Beijing e-commerce  What government hopes to build shopping environment Cheng Hung: 2010 Beijing Internet turnover is 12 billion yuan, and now has reached 145 billion yuan, an increase of 5 to 12 times the speed of development quickly. The equivalent of 145 billion turnover per Beijingers spend 100 dollars, of which there are 16 yuan is achieved through online transactions.Beijing News: For online trading supervision, industry and commerce departments to set up a working group to monitor the network   nike air max 2015 womensand explore new network monitoring tools, how to progress Cheng Hong: The network transactions regulation, Beijing has first- and second-generation vertical search engine site, you can monitor the vast majority of commercial sites. In order to regulate the Internet trading, strengthen the supervision of online shopping, we set up a special agency, which is the online shopping market in order to be more healthy development. At present, the impact of network problems shopping market economic order including the quality of the product itself, the issue of intellectual

property rights, competition issues, service complaints focused on logistics and distribution, can not be delivered.Beijing News: strengthen the supervision of online shopping, which Beijing will take new initiatives this year Cheng Hong: Beijing will be responsible for third party contractors nationwide online trading platform monitoring system, the regulatory system to achieve inter-regional oversight and industry and commerce, public security, taxation, etc.Relevant departments of the linkage. Investigate the case in favor of cross-regional anasics gel kinsei 4 womens  d regulate market order online transactions.To achieve industrial restructuring, Beijing last year in which the business registration and change of registration, registration of the project is no longer given to reach the 3700 number. Beijing this year will continue to strengthen catalog management, strict restrictions are not in line with the core functions of industrial capital to enter the Beijing market. January 28, Shandong Provincial Governor Guo Shuqing, Jinan, Shandong delegation participating in two sessions to consider when it comes to the first public event Min sacked, and admits

 work area, the problem of Min, which is discipline, which is also illegal to distinguish. Guo said he believes the commission will find out the real situation, we should also Min shortcomings, mistakes and do the job before Min to distinguish.Guo stressed that the error can not accommodate Min, especially law and discipline issues to be dealt with severely.Guo Shuqing said that corruption-free restricted, as long as the violation of party discipline, no matter what people found together, processed together.Guo admitted that they asics gel noosa tri 8 womens   have leadership responsibility that he served as Provincial Committee, Wang is a member of the team, and also his subordinates, worked for two years.Guo said that he had criticized Min's work style issues, such as lack of respect for provincial cadres, but did not find his corruption, is their dereliction of duty.He hoped that the Jinan municipal government not to back a burden, but do not let that affect the work. "Staff is not much, not much money, how do you pick the strict supervision of agricultural products, to solve the problem of consumer confidence " This question, Guangzhou Xun Core Network Limited, General Manager, South China Agricultural University student Kenji Yin Ping ran very sharp in terms of . His team currently has 16 people, mostly

into the Redmond ecosystem

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platform has attracted a lot of fans (including the author), but it has not become mainstream smart phone market. Microsoft's future mobile devices will be equipped with lovers Windows 10.By giving up the operating system designed for mobile devices, Microsoft can spurt through mobile devices will be more users of the east into the Redmond ecosystem. For developers, they are less able to face the platform of choice, and thus have more space to play and market territory. Microsoft can no longer distracted by the mobile platform, focused on the development of a platform for the future development of enterprises and consumers.As the boundaries between computers and monike air max 90 salebile phones become increasingly blurred, Microsoft decided these two combined will bring some interesting rendering engine, which from the point of view is the correct approach in principle. Although Microsoft currently does not have a real tablet operating system, but it has a perfect run Windows 8.1 on the Surface Pro 3. Microsoft's last step is to really get into the smartphone hardware to go. Those who like alpha and beta versions of Windows Insider plan members to

witness the end of the quarter to Windows 10 appears on some Lumia devices.As Windows 7,8 and 8.1 desktop users alike, Windows Phone 8.1 users can also enjoy a free upgrade to Windows 10. This is a very clever strategy to cultivate users of Microsoft's favor. This strategy is built on Microsoft will be complimentary new operating system, as Google Android for the same. Screen size is less than 9 inches Tablet PC can free upgrade to Windows 10. With the launch of the upgrade project, the 2014 Windows Phone 8.1's loyal customers can enjoy a free upgrade benefits. Which in the end smart phone users are eligible for a free upgrade details are unknown. The most critical limiting factor lies in the phone's hardware specifications.Windows Phone 8.1 will not disappear overnight, Microsoft will provide technical support for the commitment of 36 months on the latest equipment, if the user can not change the words of Windows 10, then Microsoft will continue to provide support, at least to provide the necessary holes and secnike air max 1 ukurity patches. However, mobile devices such as Lumia 830 and Lumia 1530 as soon as possible if they can upgrade to Windows 10, the better.Application support is also crucial for smart phones, Microsoft also hopes general application can finally enter into "an operating system for all devices (at

 least one operating system and adjusted on each platform rendering engine)."Computer industry a verse is this: once, run anywhere. Microsoft sees Windows 10 gives an answer. Microsoft to show up from their own applications such as Office, Outlook, calendar and Xbox Music, a third-party application developers can develop common procedures, Dropbox is the first early adopters of the customers. Large developers never liked Windows Phone (if they end up like, then this is only in the latter part of Windows Phone development cycle, or will be achieved with the support of Microsoft).Windows 10 does not try to get developers to develop applications for their mobile version, but gave up the demand for mobile application development, because in the eyes of Microsoft, one mobile platform does not exist, all of which are on Windows. Therefore, Microsoft wrote the code can be used in desktop computers, laptops, tablet PCs, Ultrabooks, tablet or mobile phone.Microsoft lost the smartphone war, it can be nike air huarache uk   like the Palm or Blackberry, continue to choose backs against the wall, but Microsoft CEO Sa Dili Asia - Nadella (Satya Nadella) has chosen a different

secretions and conjunctival secretions

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starting in January each year the number gradually increased incidence of 4-5 months to reach a seasonal peak in incidence. Spark Pang said that Beijing will increase in the incidence of measles, do not expect a large-scale outbreak of the possible. FocusWhy is this a high incidence of measles There will be a relatively popular peak year 4-5 yearsMeasles is an acute respiratory disease caused by the measles virus, the patient is the only source of infection. Measles virus present in the patient mouth, nose, pharynx, trachea, bronchial secretions and conjunctival secretions, through air droplets (coughing, sneezing, talking) spread. Measles virus infection after a long incubation period, an average of 14 days, the shortest seven days, the longest 21 days. The main symptoms are fever, red rash andnike air max 90 sale  cough, catarrh rhinitis or conjunctivitis.Spark Pang noted that measles is a national statutory B infectious diseases reported before the vaccine, almost every child must be 5 years old before onset, is an infectious disease seriously endangering the health of children. However, from the 1960s to start using measles vaccine since measles epidemic has been well controlled.City CDC said that in recent years, the overall incidence of measles in Beijing at a relatively low level. From monitoring the situation over the years, the incidence of measles presenting feature is that every 4-5 years there will be a relatively popular peak year. Earlier, in 2005 and 2010, the average

annual incidence level is higher than in other years.2 How to prevent measles epidemic Employees of the unit should be observed for 21 days measlesCity CDC said, according to the Beijing Municipal requirements, measles outbreaks occur when 45 years old, previously not had measles in recent years have not been vaccinated against measles in close contact with staff should be vaccinated against measles as soon as possible.At the same time, due to a longer incubation period of measles, measles cases occurred collective units suspected casenike air max 1 uk   s should be observed whether the newly issued 21 days after the onset of the last patients, once the new cases of the disease should be promptly reported. Outbreaks occur during the observation period of collective units to cancel group activities or meetings, reducing the risk of transmission of the virus.City CDC says people should pay attention to personal hygiene, maintain good indoor ventilation; if you need to go to the hospital because of illness, to do self-protection, pay attention to wear a mask to reduce cross-infection. Families with parents of small children, as little children to the officers to concentrate on public places. When the child reaches eight-month-old children immunized against measles to promptly - rubella bivalent vaccine, at least 1.5 at the

of timely vaccination against measles - rubella - mumps triple vaccine, at least 6 years of age and then a dose of measles vaccination - rubella - mumps triple vaccine.3 is lifelong immunity against measles too Under normal circumstances as long as the immunization success without revaccinationCity CDC experts say, for measles occurred naturally infected persons, under normal circumstances would not happen again measles. That, too measles equivalent lifelong immunity, will not have to.Meanwhile, for the vaccinated person, now that, after measles vaccine immunization success, protective effect can be maintained for life. So as long as measles vaccination, immunization success as long as under normal circumstances, that does not need to be vaccinated again.How should nike air huarache uk  respond after exposure to measles patient  In general, patients with measles after five days before the rash are infectious contact with susceptible infections, so two days in contact with patients vaccinated against measles, allows the body to produce specific antibodies in the early latent, serve to prevent the onset or reduce the effect of the symptoms. Or in contact with the patient within five days of muscle injection of gamma globulin, can prevent illness, five days after the injection can not prevent the disease, but it can

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